Property market watchers are giving high comments on Principal Garden Condominium

Principal Garden Condominium is among the first condominium projects to come in the market after the monthly income cap to buy executive condominium units was raised from the previous $12,000 to $14,000. Property watchers, such as Donald Han, have indicated that the change is not probably going to affect sales. This is because the Principal Garden Condominium is a highly priced project based in a city-fringe location, while executive condominiums are located in suburbs. Locals and foreigners are always looking for these type of properties in this area.
UOL is the group that sells the condominiums. The group has consistently put their selling price at a sensitive level and it aims at deliver a master piece, hence standing out from among its competitors, whose selling price is a bit realistic. Waterbank at Double Bay is one of the reputable condominiums that UOL has sold, while Katong Regency took the shortest time to be sold out; in fact a couple of hours. After buying these projects, the buyers have sold them as off at good profits because their value appreciates really fast due to their location. Property value appreciation has been the recent property cooling measure.
UOL sold the units on a slow price increase basis, with prices shooting up in a span of around 12 months; that’s for the equilibrium of units. The group also improved its selling prices during a tough market season due to its capability of having good products that are always on demand. Clients have the opportunity to choose from various units at the best discounts. Hire purchase buyers always pay slightly higher premiums and this makes them have less units to choose from. Here are some of the latest units available for sale at Principal Garden Condominium and their prices.

Written By Anthony Mitchell