Make Sure You Choose Thomson Impresssions as Your Family’s Heaven

What can be more convenient than living in a lavishly equipped condo, surrounded by top public places within the walking distances? This is the major concern of the NS Property (Thomson) Pte Ltd. As the leading developer of top condos, apartments and lots of commercial properties in Singapore, it understands that its high-class clients—whether they are Singaporean or expatriates—need more than just a luxury living. They need to enjoy a convenient ambiance, while getting the fastest return on investment. This is why, NS Property (Thomson) Pte Ltd has just launched Thomson Impressions Condo.

It is not surprising to see that 90% of its condo units are sold out, even before its soft launching in 2018. Containing TBA units in various sizes in its two towers, this condominium will be the best living place for families, business people, or expatriates. Condominium owners will enjoy the endless benefits of living here, thanks to its excellent location and state-of-the-art amenities within all of its 19 storeys.

Too Good To Be True

There is no doubt that Singapore hosts lots of apartments or condominiums. Most of them have good facilities to accommodate their dwellers. But, Thomson Impressions has more than anyone can imagine. Each unit is lavishly designed with high quality building materials to ensure both safety and comfort, at the same time. The modern, yet minimalist bathroom still can deliver an impressive ambiance, while its kitchen design meets, both the luxury and hygiene standard.

Property owners don’t have to step out of the condo to have fun and stay healthy. There are more facilities within this condominium for everyone in the family, such as a swimming pool, tennis court, a clubhouse, business hall, luxury spa, BBQ pool party area and so forth. There is no shortage of fun and relaxation activities here.

Everything is Within Reach

Though Thomson Impressions has everything that its residents need, it does not mean that this condo is located in a suburb area. On the other hand, its most outstanding feature is its hot location. There are shopping centres—such as Thomson Plaza and Sing Ming Plaza—and restaurants nearby. All of them are undoubtedly the most favourite places for everyone. They have everything that family members need, from fashion boutiques, kids’ entertainment venues, beauty clinics and an abundant array of restaurants with various cuisines.

If all of those facilities seem to be very common, then check out the on-going progress of Bright Hill MRT Station construction. Besides, Thomson Impressions is also easy to reach by buses, passing by the Upper Thomson Road, while being very near to the Central Expressway. It will be very easy to reach many destinations from here. This place is the best option for both vehicle owners, or those who prefer to avoid traffic jam by taking the train, bus, or merely walking.

Its close location with top schools is the representation of Thomson Impressions as a family-friendly apartment. CHIJ St Nicholas School, Ang Mo Kio Primary School, are only to name a few of several educational places that many parents trust for their kids to enrol.

Written By Anthony Mitchell

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