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All this luxury is just a foot away from the Punggol Park, which unsurprisingly, is the main attraction of the Terrace Executive Condominiums. This Punggol Contactor Park is ideal for hiking and biking, as it has numerous charming winding trails that lead through various attractions of the park, such as former quarries and developed wetlands. The primary appeal of the park is the Wallace trail, an hour long walking distance that showcases some of the best of the nature, and is ideal for bird watching. An hour long walk with your friends or family along this trail is an alluring for recreation. The park is connected to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and thus, there is no shortage of other trails for walking and hiking. Families can spend a pleasant couple of hours exploring the trails in the park and the nature reserve and enjoy the time spent together. The numerous species of birds and other flora and fauna found here provides amazing opportunities for amateur photographers, and for the more adventurous souls, the exclusive mountain biking trail has amazing challenges.

The I LOVE NATURE Workshop organized in this natural park includes various art and craft activities and a short nature walk, which is also a wonderful opportunity for parents who like to engage in bonding exercises with their children. The Dairy Farm Natural Park also includes the Wallace Environmental Learning Lab, an interactive centre where people and especially students can learn more about the nature. The Wallace Environmental Learning Lab is in fact Singapore’s first field study hub for schools, and its holistic programme engages student in interactive learning about Singapore’s wildlife through exploratory activities. The Terrace EC is ideal for the best of luxury living in the lap of nature, and environment enthusiasts will especially find their dream home here. The Terrace EC is one of the first developments in the Dairy Farm Estate, and the buyers shall enjoy the advantage of appreciating prices of real estate as the whole estate is developed. They are developed by Bukit Timah Green Development Pte Ltd, who shall be selling a ninety-nine year leasehold in the condominiums, The estimated completion date of the development is early 2017. For more details, contact

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Written By Anthony Mitchell